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Alexey Krupsky in "Jazz Magazine" (Ukraine), June 2010



Concert in memory of Django Reinhardt (Kiev, 12.12.09, House of Architects).

Bernd Huber, Alexey Krupsky, Janko Lauenberger, Anders Grop

photo by Alexandr Zubko


June 2007, new CD released!

The album "April Sky" (recorded in april 2006) is available now!

To order in Ukraine and other countries click here

Order in Germany: a_krupsky@gmx.de


1 Mai 2007, Lübeck

End of april/beginning mai: Alexey performed with a well-known singer/songwriter Bettina Wegner by her farewell tour, The concerts took place in Guben, Lübeck, Schwerin, Anklam and Dresden. In this tour Bettina Wegner also performs with a singer Karsten Troyke.

Bettina Wegner


9 April 2007, Kiev

Concert in memory of Vladimir Molotkov. National P.I.Tchaikovsky Academy of Music

Alexey Wagner

Alexey Krupsky


Max Gladetsky

Igor Boiko

V.Kolesnikov, A. Hristidis

Sergey Viszljak


11 February 2007, Radio "Era" 96 FM (Ukraine)

Alexey Krupsky and Alexey Kogan (an interview live on air).



23 September, Club "Ultra Lounge"

In september Alexey joined Brandon Stone and performed with him in one of the most well-known clubs in Berlin "Ultra Lounge". The program contained also a lot of new songs from Brandon`s new CD "Forever And Always".




The new album "April Sky" will be released in mai 2007

This CD contains original compositions by Vladimir Molotkov, Bruno Martino, Keith Jarreth and many others.

Drawing by Ludmila Kazmina



9 April 2006

A jazz festival dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Molotkov took place in early april 2006 In Kiev. .Among the participants: guitar duet Alexey Krupsky and Alexey Wagner, Valery Kolesnikov, Grag Bandy,Sergey Viszljak, "Jazz Impression" and many others.



Valery Kolesnikov

Roman Grinkiv




CD will be released soon

"Jazz Impression 1999"


Alexey Krupsky - acoustic & electric guitars